A child dies every 15 seconds from disease attributable to unsafe drinking water, deplorable sanitation, and poor hygiene.

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Clean Water Initiative

Malawi In Malawi, despite rich water reserves beneath the earth’s surface, many rural villages have unusable well pumps due to broken parts, theft, or simple degradation of the well itself. Because rural areas do not have access to the funding or services to repair their wells, Malawi still has over 2.4 million people without access to safe water, and over 5,300 children are dying every year from water-borne illness and disease alone.


Well Repairs

Well repair at Mkuwira village MalawiChild Legacy International repairs broken water pumps across the entire country of Malawi, an entirely free service for the communities in need. Repairing wells alone ensures decreased mortality rates and allows women and girls— who spend the majority of their days hauling water long distances — the chance to manage their households, attend school, or engage in income generating work. A gospel message is shared during every repair; however, a Christian faith is not required to receive a well repair. We work closely with community members to teach and promote safe health and hygiene practices, such as washing their hands and dishes with soap and handling water the safe way. The goal of our Clean Water program is to reduce the spread of waterborne illnesses across the nation.

Clean Water Climb

2014 summit + tishLaunched in 2011, the purpose of this annual climb is to raise awareness and funds for clean water in Malawi, Africa. You may be thinking, “Why climb to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro?” It’s simple. Mt. Kilimanjaro is the world’s tallest freestanding mountain. It reaches an outrageous 19,341 feet. That’s nearly 4 miles upward. This mountain is large, and that is a perfect representation of the enormity of the water problem in Malawi, Africa. To learn more about the Clean Water Climb and our great team of climbers this year, visit!

Learn more about our Mt. Kilimanjaro Clean Water Climb.

Quick Facts

  • The cost of a CLI well repair is $1250, each repair brings clean water to 2,100 people
  • CLI’s team has repaired over 4,700 wells; averaging nearly 365 repairs per year
  • Over 9.1 million beneficiaries now have access to clean water
  • Over 60,000 salvations through gospel shared at each village
  • CLI’s well repairs are performed by a team of trained experts from Malawi
  • CLI’s Clean Water Initiative has been recognized by Malawi’s Parliament as a successful intervention to reducing water-borne illness in the rural areas

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